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Maintenance Services
Do you have an existing web site that you want to keep up to date? We provide web maintenance services.
Maintenance clients (past & present) include:
Steinway Piano Gallery of Detroit
Detroit Torino Jazz Project
Rodgers Organs of Detroit

Logo Design
A logo is an essential element of your branding and overall market presence.
Logo design clients have included: Retro Estate, TheCongoCause, Detroit Arts International, Home Inventory Group, Discover Birmingham, TheWebEmporium.

CD Covers
We can design your CD cover or other marketing materials.
CD Cover clients have included:
Motor City Brass Band, Even Exchange band.


We can design your custom podcast tutorial for your small business.

Teach your staff how to use your software and tools and save time!

Here is a sample of our new podcast series,
Frequently Asked Questions for Word 2007

Video & Social Networking
Video & Social Networking are essential tools to supplement your web presence.
Video & Social Networking clients include: MMACycles.com

Email Marketing Campaigns
We can help you manage your email lists & online campaigns
Email Marketing Campaign clients include:
SpringFedArts.org & various music artists clients

New site (under development)

Example of JavaScript drop-down menus

Steinway Society of Michigan

Archived site

Example of JavaScript drop-down menus and Flash Animation

Site is an example of designing a site to integrate with the look of the client's existing branding and website, Steinway Piano Gallery of Detroit.

Rodgers Organs of Detroit.com


Rodgers Organs of Detroit.com

Rodgers Organs of Detroit


Phase 1 of a phased site development for:


Have a basement or crawlspace leak? DetroitDryBasements.com can help you.




Site redesign for UNA-Michigan

New site for UNA Greater Detroit

Sites display masthead designs and photography (building only in UNA-MI).

UN Building photography by TheWebEmporium.com

UNA Michigan Division

Phase 1 of a phased development site for vintage stuff and collectibles -- RetroEstate.com

Site displays logo design.

Retro Estate to buy and sell vintage items and collectibles

Site for Detroit area fund raising for mosquito bednets for the eastern border of the Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

Site displays collages created using Photoshop, Flash ad, site content creation, video editing, marketing, and logo design.

The Web Emporium also performs event planning.

Event Promotion
Jazz concerts
Fund raising for mosquito bed nets -- to save lives near the eastern border of the Congo.


Promotion services provided by TheWebEmporium.com



Web Site for the United Nations Association of the Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

Site displays collages created using Photoshop, Flash ad, site content creation. Site also displays educational content created by TWE in the "Intercultural Communication Class" under internal link.

Malaria Prevention
Fund Raising
Awareness and Education

Web Site for the United Nations Association of the Democractic
Republic of the Congo:


Archived site for Detroit Arts International.

Site displays collage created using Photoshop.

Photography and collage of instruments by D. Western, TheWeb Emporium.com

Web Site archive for African Dance Company

Detroit Arts International

Site Redesign for Jazz Musician, Composer, Arranger

Opening page photography by D. Western, TheWebEmporium.com

Site displays basic design layouts, use of PhotoShop for collages.

Jazz Web Site:


Site for Big Band Jazz Orchestra

Site displays collages created using Photoshop.

Jazz Web Site:

Ed Nuccilli and the Plural Circle
The Plural Circle

Site for Jazz Pianist
and Studio Professional

Jazz Web Site:



Site for Health Care Resources for Detroit area jazz musicians.

Site displays use of Photoshop.

Jazz Musicians
Resource organization for Health Care:



Former Site for Shahida Nurullah - Detroit area jazz vocalist.

Site displays use of Photoshop.

Archived Jazz Web Site:

Shahida Nurullah, Jazz Vocalist

Site for Folk Musician & Singer

Folk Web Site:



Site for George Benson - Detroit area jazz saxophonist.

Site displays use of Photoshop.

Jazz Web Site:


Site for Ursula Walker and Buddy Budson

Detroit area vocalist and jazz pianist

Jazz Web Site:
Ursula and Buddy

Real Estate appraiser former web site.

This archived site displays form and graphics. (Form deactivated. This sample represents the archived state of the web site)

Archived Business Site with
Submit Order form:

Landmark Appraising

Landmark Appraising


Personal property home inventory company.

This site displays logo design, site content creation, and web design.

Home Inventory
Business Site with logo & content creation:



Detroit area jazz vocalist


Detroit area jazz musician archive site.

Please visit the blog to share memories and thoughts of Larry Nozero.

Jazz Archival Site:

Larry Nozero.com


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